My name is Steven Ulsh and I have been going to Dr. Tomlinson’s office for over 2 years. I suffered from deteriation of the right hip and went to see Dan. While I was on a waiting list at the hospital for a hip replacement, Dr Tomlinson eased my pain down to the point that I could walk around without hardly any effort. Anyone who knows the pain of hip replacement can tell you it is very painful to deal with even after the surgery.

Furthermore, Dr. Tomlinson aligned my neck spine and lower back to the point there was 0 pain. He would then align my lower body and hips as much as possible (with my condition) to the point where I could walk and do light yard work. Walking the dogs were a chore but with his help I could get through the walk with my 2 dogs.

I highly recommend Dr Tomlinson to anyone in pain seeking diagnosis to a solution. I have called him whenever I have needed him and he has always been there for me. When I am done with his procedure I feel immediate comfort and feel almost a taller feeling in height effect. I always come away feeling immediately better plus, I like the family type feeling I have when I am in their office.

I encourage anyone with any pain to seek out the solution of Dr. Daniel Tomlinson and Cheryl his assistant.

- Steven Ulsh

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